Head Shots


First impressions are important.  Your head shot may be the first thing someone sees...and if a picture says a thousand words, after all, it should be the best image of YOU.  With all the different ways to get yourself out there, whether it's LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or even a dating site to business cards, portfolios...you should have an image that not only reflects who YOU are, but is professional, as well. 

 I specialize in ENVIRONMENTAL head shots – using the environment around you to help tell who you are and what you’re about.



 $95 per professionally edited delivered image

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Please use a professional printing company to print your images.  If taken to a “commercial” company, I can non guarantee the colors to remain as intended.  I put A LOT of work into making sure your images are as beautiful as you are…please help keep them that way. For your convenience, I've partnered with a WONDERFUL printer and made it easy for your busy lifestyle to order what you'd like. Once you have your images up on screen with your gallery, just hover over the picture, order what you'd like, and they deliver straight to your door! (no p.o boxes, though)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.