The big WHY

Why do we take pictures? I'm talking both in front of, as the client, and me, the photographer, behind the lens? 


Memories fade, and fade faster as we get older, I'm afraid to say. I'm 45 (I'll admit it), and every time I look at pictures of my kids being all fat faced babies, naked superheroes with just a cape, graduations, proms...I smile, I get misty eyed...and I remember. I remember that soft touch on my cheek while nursing, the giggles as my son would stand in front of a fan, naked EXCEPT for that green silk cape (shhh...don't tell him I told you! ;) ), the blushing of my daughter standing next to her first boyfriend at prom, trying to figure out how to pin that flower on his lapel. 











 In 2014, my mom passed. She didn't like to be in photos. I have a handful of pictures of her - quick ones.  Not in focus, not perfect...but they are her, and they help me to remember that particular moment. That time of day, that smell in the air...Her.  I'll never have more...and memories fade.  I've made a promise to my kids. I will ALWAYS be willing to be in front of the camera. Hair a mess, chunkalunk out there, holy t-shirt (I'm sure), and all.  I won't let them forget a thing.  




So. That's MY why. Of both behind AND in front of the camera. Memories. Catching them all. (lol...why does pokemon pop into my head? Gotta catch 'em all, don'tcha know! :D )  Not letting time, the ultimate memory thief, win.  Me and my camera?  Memory catchers, to the rescue.