...I choose love.

You may ask "But Mindy...what does this have to do with photography? Isn't this a PHOTOGRAPHY blog?" WELL...welcome to my world. Sometimes I deviate from what's expected. ;) (you'll learn that when you book a session with me! :D ) 



There's so much sad news everywhere today. Death, Anger, Hate, Tragedy. People multiplying those things with their own agendas and beliefs. I'll let you know where I stand. With love. 

 I choose to love. I choose to help those that I possibly can. And when I can't physically go help someone rebuild their life, I choose to smile at a random person walking down the street, and say "hello, nice day, isn't it?", tell a stranger they look absolutely lovely today, or encourage someone who looks discouraged with their day. It's a small drop in a BIG ocean, yes...but to that person, it could be a beautiful, much needed drop of life. 

 I choose love in all it's glory.  All of the beautiful colors of humanity, the million shades of life.  Love comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes.  And for gosh sake, who am I to condemn who YOU want to love? I don't. Love is love, and love is wonderful - and so much more fun than hate or fear. 


Tolstoy once said "Love is the only way to rescue humanity from all it's ills". Absolutely. My challenge to you today? If you can do ONE THING today...be kind to a stranger. Don't expect anything back...not a thank you, not an acknowledging nod. It doesn't always happen. BUT...you don't see that person later...a little lighter bounce in their step, possibly being a little nicer to someone else. Love is like a small creek in the forest...refreshing, happy, joining with other little happy love creeks until it forms one big river, and then on to an ocean. Let's all make a big love ocean today. The world could use it.  




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