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2022 Holiday Sessions are OPEN!

If you cringe when Christmas decor sneaks its way into the stores, even before Thanksgiving, then this might make you crawl out of your skin. BUT it’s something that needs to be said...and you just MIGHT need to hear.

Shipping times and product shortages are a little out of hand this year. We’ve ALL felt it! But I do not want those issues to stop you or your loved ones from getting their holiday photos.

If you’re planning on sending holiday cards or photo gifts this year, your holiday photo session should be scheduled like yesterday. I recommend having the photos TAKEN by the end of October to be safe.

“But Mindy, we haven’t even gotten through Halloween?!” I hear you. You might be feeling like it’s overwhelming to decide what the family will wear or where you’ll take the photos. I’ll help you figure that out when the time comes, for now, let’s focus on getting your holiday photos scheduled.

There are many styles of Holiday photos that you can go for - a more formal style, playful photos, or ones that feel nostalgic. These are some of my favorites!

If you LOVE being outside, these first two are for you!

Sandy Claus

If you’re in Florida, like me, it feels especially odd taking Christmas photos while we sweat. Sometimes you just have to kick off your shoes, play in Florida’s “snow” and embrace the heat. Santa does it, too. Imagine...packing up your little one(s) to go to the beach...they see a man dressed in red, white beard, sitting under a peppermint-colored umbrella. They look up at you in absolute disbelief and Santa on vacation? YES HE IS, kiddos, yes he is.

These playful images are AWESOME! Santa is only in town until August 15, though so contact me to book a Sandy Claus session before he heads back North!

NEW set coming SOON!

This year I am bringing a totally new outdoor set! It will involve kiddos decorating a real Christmas tree and Santa close by!

Prefer the great “indoors”? These might just win your heart over.

Santa's Workshop

Imagine watching as your kiddo sneaks into Santa's workshop. They see the man in red himself tinkering with the toys that will be under trees soon! Santa invites them in to help and the magic starts to happen....As your kiddo(s) play with Santa, he is asking them about their biggest Christmas wishes. He's encouraging them to explore and invent. They're laughing together and playing. The kids get absolutely lost in the moments and forget that I am there, behind the lens, capturing each giggle.

Santa’s workshop sessions are open to book and when you book before July 10, you’ll get a discount and complimentary luxury print!

This session is only available on November 6th reach out to book now!

Cookies with Mrs. Claus

Can Santa be a little overwhelming sometimes? Maybe to some kiddos. And that's OK. Presenting "Cookies with Mrs. Claus". Come on in, pull up a stool, and sing some Christmas carols with Mrs. Claus as you bake side by side with the lady herself. Ever wonder what Santa's favorite cookie is? Now you'll know for sure. ;)

This session is only available on October 30th, so if this seems like the perfect fit for your family, reach out to book now!

CoOkie ChaOs

This is where your kiddo(s) get to let loose and have a blast “making” Christmas cookies!

The Recipe for the PERFECT Christmas Photo:

1 studio full of holiday cheer

1 (or more) kiddo ready to explore

1 photographer (that's me!) encouraging your kiddo to DIG IN

Combine the three together, mix with priceless moments and lots of giggles.

"Bake" for a week (I'll work my hand editing magic)

Enjoy these memories for a lifetime ♥

Contact me to book a CoOkie ChaOs session and let’s bake some memories!

Christmas Dreams

This is my FAVORITE set for the holidays! Your kiddo(s) come in wearing their pajamas and snuggles up for a “nap”. When they “wake up” Santa has joined them and has a special surprise. Your child will get lost in the moment eating cookies, drinking milk, and listening to Santa tell his favorite story!

This session is only available on October 29, so if this seems like the perfect fit for your family, reach out to book now!

So, is it even possible to pick a favorite?!

Each of these holiday sessions is incredible in its own way. But what makes them priceless is the look on your kid’s faces when they experience the absolute MAGIC of the season. They are only little enough to believe for so long. Let’s capture the moments this year.


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