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Imagination Sessions

Styled Sessions that capture the imagination of both young and old

There is nothing quite so magical as dipping into the imagination of a young child. To see their wonder and belief as we quietly look for fairies in the forest around us, to see princesses spin with delight in the afternoon sun, giggling with every spin with pure joy. Little superheroes saving the day, dragons conquered. 

This is my heart...I taught preschool during the school year and led a preschool summer camp for many, many years. I believe in the power of imagination, the power of a young child's mind to BELIEVE. The look on their faces when we FIND the "fairy nest". The videos I'm sent when the child sees their pictures...jumping up and down that they got their wings, that the invisible dragon was REALLY THERE, that they really are the superhero they always knew they were. 

All dresses, crowns, and outfits supplied by Nature's Child Photography. 


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