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located in Jacksonville, Florida - but have camera, will travel. ;) 

Well, here it is the middle of October already. Halloween candy bought, eaten, bought again, hidden from myself...found, eaten...I've probably contributed to the candy stock market in lucrative ways, at this point. I think that's the REAL reason why they start putting...

You may ask "But Mindy...what does this have to do with photography? Isn't this a PHOTOGRAPHY blog?" WELL...welcome to my world. Sometimes I deviate from what's expected. ;) (you'll learn that when you book a session with me! :D ) 


There's so much sad news everywhere t...

Why do we take pictures? I'm talking both in front of, as the client, and me, the photographer, behind the lens? 

Memories fade, and fade faster as we get older, I'm afraid to say. I'm 45 (I'll admit it), and every time I look at pictures of my kids being all fat f...