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What's a "Mini Session" and is it really worth it?

Nature’s Child Photography | November 2021

There's a buzzword in the photo world - "mini-session". These usually pop up during holidays or when a sunflower field is in full bloom.

A mini-session is a short (10-20 minute) photo session, at a location that the photographer chooses, typically multiple families come back to back, and you receive 5-10 images from the session. Some people LOVE a good mini session and trust me I am not knocking it.

BUT I want to talk about the difference between a “mini-session” and a “Mindy Session” (Hi, I’m Mindy, btw and I LOVE capturing kiddos during creative photo sessions)

It's not uncommon for people to reach out to me asking about "mini sessions" because that is a service that a lot of photographers offer.

BUT, I am not capable of doing mini sessions.

I get too involved with my families. I get to know them even before they arrive at the session. I've helped them choose the perfect outfits, and most of the time they're found in my collection of whimsical dresses or costumes. We've picked the perfect time when the entire crew is rested and happy. We dream up the perfect location together and I seek it out.

Once we're shooting, we all get lost in the moment. There is not a timer set. I'm leading your child through their adventure. We're chasing fairies or slaying dragons. We're peeking behind leaves to look for lost gems. You can't put a time limit on imagination.

These sessions aren't mini. They’re “Mindy sessions” and they're mighty. Mighty wonderful. Mighty magical. Mighty moments to cherish forever.

So to answer the burning question of “are they really worth it?”...Well, I have to leave that up to you. What’s it worth to capture your child’s giggles in a picture that you can cherish forever?

These magical sessions are called "The Imagination Sessions" and are SUCH a joy to capture!

& then message me to book one for your family!

Happy Imagining!

  • Mindy


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