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5 Reasons to Book Your "Sandy Claus" Santa Beach Session TODAY

I hear you. It's ONLY June. Kids are just starting to settle in and be relaxed from school days, and you're JUST figuring out how to rule summer fun activities. Why on EARTH would you want to start thinking even in the general direction of Christmas already???

1. Cross an activity off your list that they'll NEVER forget. Think about're going to the beach (already a treat), and the kids see a peppermint umbrella in the distance. You walk on, and HOLY BEACHBALLS IT'S SANTA. Santa? On the beach? In a Hawaiian shirt and swim shorts? Yup. Ready to build have fun with your kiddo...while you stand by and watch the magic of belief happen.

2. Your Christmas cards and/or gifts are DONE before the holiday rush even trickles into the stores. One of the most commented things at our reveal sessions is "I don't even have to worry about getting everything together now! I'm already done!" Yup. Not only do I custom make Christmas cards and print photos and other art that will last through the years, but I also have an heirloom story book written just for your child's adventure with Santa.

3. Beat the rush. We've already talked about the holiday rush. But a LOT of people also want photos September through the end of November. This time can get hectic for EVERYONE. You're feeling stressed, the kids sponge stress from you, the photographer's calendars are hard to get into, then printing companies get bogged down, then you have to have time to mail everything...yikes. I'M stressed just writing this!

4. Weather. Yes. We'll still have the occasional reschedule if it rains. We're in Florida. But the deeper we get towards fall? The more chance that the weather gets SUPER yucky - especially on the beach. This is why Santa is finished with the beach September 3...I've done this for YEARS now, and those September dates are just not the best. Earlier bookings also give more time to reschedule if needed in the acceptable window of time.

5. Relaxed environment. Yes, I do studio Santa in the fall, and while those are BEAUTIFUL, they are set in a studio environment. Sure, the kids don't even notice, as they only have eyes for one magical man at that moment, but it's still INSIDE.

Some kiddos? Prefer outside, and need that room to breathe. And that's OK. As a former pre-k teacher, I understand that not all kiddos thrive in the same environments, and some stimuli are just TOO MUCH. (if sand is not your kiddos thing, however, this is NOT the session for you)


When the teacher asks "what did YOU do this summer"? THEY SAW SANTA ON THE BEACH AND BUILT SAND CASTLES WITH HIM AND FOUND A SHELL AND CALLED THE ELVES WITH IT...and you get it. Magic memories.

So yeah. Drop your contact information. I'll give you a call to chat about everything. Let's get your kiddo on my calendar for your Santa Beach session this year!


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