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Well, here it is the middle of October already. Halloween candy bought, eaten, bought again, hidden from myself...found, eaten...I've probably contributed to the candy stock market in lucrative ways, at this point. I think that's the REAL reason why they start putting it out in September!

This time of year makes me nostalgic...for the making of the costumes, the dreaming of being someone else for one magical night. Not for being something NORMAL - oh, no...not for me or my kiddos. In the past, I've had a Leaf Fairy, Indiana Jones, LarryBoy (complete with head plungers) Einstein (a personal favorite), a Love Witch (her words, not mine) name it. (And let's not forget the doggies that just LOVE dressing up!)

The magic of Halloween - if you can dream it, you can BE it, no naysaying.

This year, my son won't be going trick or treating. At 16 (hey, I'd trick or treat forever if I could, so don't blame the teenagers for wanting to continue their fun), he stands a foot taller then me, and speaks at a decibel that vibrates the floor under your feet. Can't pass as a tiny guy anymore, no matter what he dresses up as. So, this year, I have a candy passer outer to hang with me. Scary movies shall be watched, candy shall be eaten from our passing out bowl, and I will soak up my baby for as long as I possibly can...because once Trick or Treats are done, the moments are fleeting before they leave to begin their own, careers, their own little trick or treaters.

Nature's Child Photography, North East Florida Photographer, St. Johns Florida Photographer, Children's Photographer I am, again writing a PHOTOGRAPHY blog, and digressing. But you know? I think it DOES tie in...because I am all about the memories. I'm all about photographing those memories for you, so time doesn't run away as it wants to do with YOUR memories...of excited eyes or chubby fingers, of little boys with their first pups, little girls playing dress up, big brother - getting that first GOOD look at the new life soon to be in the house, that first kiss as bride and groom.

Nature's Child Photography, North East Florida Photographer, St. Johns Florida, Couples Photography, Birth Photography, Family Photography, Wedding Photography

Well, then. Now that I've made myself call down The Boy just so I can give him a huge hug, I'll wrap this up. I'll try to do the normal blog thing another time. OR, if you'd like to continue random ramblings from me with fantastic images from me that correlate, I can do that too. Easy peasy. Just let me know in the comments! (last image is my son from last year...we're HUGE Walking Dead fans!)

Nature's Child Photography, North East Florida Photographer, St. Johns Florida Photographer, Zombie Boy

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