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Sending holiday cards, or a special photo gift this year? Book your session BEFORE Mid November

Nature’s Child Photography | October 2021

If you cringe when Christmas decor sneaks its way into the stores, even before Thanksgiving, then this might make you crawl out of your skin. BUT it’s something that needs to be said...and you just MIGHT need to hear.

If you’re planning on sending holiday cards or photo gifts this year, your holiday photo session should be scheduled like yesterday.

Don’t panic! I’m not saying that you need to have already taken the photos, but it is time to get on your favorite photographer’s books. I recommend having your holiday pictures taken by the beginning of November (mid-November at the LATEST) so that you can have them printed in time.

“But Mindy, we haven’t even gotten through Halloween?!” I hear you. You might be feeling like it’s overwhelming to decide what the family will wear or where you’ll take the photos. I’ll help you figure that out when the time comes, for now, let’s focus on getting your holiday photos scheduled.

There are a few steps between taking your holiday photos and then being delivered to your friends and family. Understanding how the turnaround times work will help you understand why it’s important to schedule your session sooner rather than later.

And this timeline is not taking into consideration LIFE. Like when your little one gets sick, family pops in for a “surprise” visit or you forget for a few days to stop by and pick up those stamps you need.

The closer the time sneaks towards December 25th, the more holiday cards or albums will cost to have made. Surcharges, rush charges, and just holiday charges, in general, can be avoided if your prints get sent earlier than everyone else.

Many photographers, like myself, are booking their holiday sessions already so be sure to ask about open dates! To contact me about my open dates, click here.

When you book your holiday photos with me you have support from the first time we speak to when your holiday cards hit your mailbox. I support you through styling your family, delivering your stunning photos, designing and ordering your Holiday Print Gifts and Cards, and then hand-delivering them to you! (YES, every beautiful thing you order comes to me so I can make sure it is perfectly printed. One less thing for you to stress about!)

I’m here to help you through the holiday photo madness, just reach out!

Happy Holidays (in October!)

  • Mindy

PS - if you’re in Florida, like me, it feels especially odd taking Christmas photos while we sweat. Sometimes you just have to kick off your shoes, play in Florida’s “snow” and embrace the heat. Santa does it, too.


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