Nature's Child Photography presents...the SANTA SESSIONS! They're only little once, with the glow of pure magic and happiness in their eyes. During these sessions, they'll get to spend time with Santa...choose the relaxed atmosphere of the beach where they can blow bubbles, build castles, and kick waves with Santa, or come check out Santa's OTHER sleigh..his old red truck, and hear about his life at the North Pole, have a treat, and even read a story with him...creating memories to cherish for a lifetime all the while.  Outdoors not your thing? Come have cookies, milk, story time, and even make a keepsake for the tree with Santa.  And new this year?  Help Santa make his toys...and hear why it's so important to give all year round - not just on Christmas with "Santa's Workshop". Want to bake delicious cookies with Mrs. Claus? Well, then, "Cookies with Mrs. Claus." is just for you!  Would you rather have a SURPRISE visit from Santa in the studio and read a story together? "Christmas Dreams" is also available! Nature's Child Photography - capturing Christmas memories of your child with Santa this 2021 holiday season. 

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"Santa's Magical Christmas" Sitting Fee 

Come have cookies and milk with Santa as your kiddos help him make sure his toy deliveries are in tip top shape! They'll read a classic Christmas story together and maybe even get to hear all about life at the North Pole. 3 backgrounds available this year! (once I have my models show you how cute they are on camera ;)) Shown here already is "Santa's Workshop". 


Location: In Studio 

Dates Available: November 6th& 14th ONLY

Santa, children's photography, vintage truck, Christmas

"Santa's Old Red Truck" Sitting Fee


Come check out Santa's "other" mode of transportation when he's not flying the night skies...his vintage red truck! These were SUPER popular last year, so book fast. Kiddos will be able to have Coca Cola and a cookie (you can choose milk ;)) with Santa, and even read a story together in the great outdoors. 

Location: River Town Park (not the ball fields)

Dates Available: November 7th & November 13th ONLY

Santa, Christmas, children sleeping

One of my FAVORITE sets for the holidays...come on in, take a little nap in your jammies...and "wake up" to the most special surprise EVER! Share a cookie with Santa and read his favorite book together, all while I'm photographing away, capturing the delight and belief in your children's eyes. 

Location: In Studio 

Dates Available: November 6th& 14th ONLY

"Christmas Dreams" Sitting Fee 


"Santa's Workshop" Sitting Fee 

Have a little one (or two) that are the HAPPIEST with busy hands?  Then THIS is the session for you. Listen to Santa tell stories about the importance of giving to others, all while hammering, "painting" (no real paint used), and using all of Santa's magic tools to create toys for SOMEONE'S magical Christmas morning. 

Location: In Studio 

Dates Available: November 6th& 14th ONLY


"Cookies with Mrs. Claus" Sitting Fee


Can Santa be a little overwhelming sometimes? Maybe to some kiddos. And that's OK. Presenting "Cookies with Mrs. Claus". Come on in, pull up a stool, sing some Christmas carols with Mrs. Claus as you bake side by side with the lady herself. Ever wonder what Santa's favorite cookie is? Now you'll know for sure. ;) 

Location: In Studio
Dates Available: November 6th & 14th ONLY 

Santa, Christmas, beach, children's photography

"Sandy Claus" Sitting Fee


Imagine...packing up your little one(s) to go to the beach...they see a man dressed in red, white beard, sitting under a peppermint colored umbrella. They look up at you in absolute disbelief and Santa on vacation? YES HE IS, kiddos, yes he is. Make your beach day a visit with Santa beach side THIS SUMMER. Your children will have 20 minutes of getting to build castles, pounce in the surf, and hear Santa's stories from the North, all while being photographed by me, so that they can cherish the memories for years to come...and YOU have a leg up on getting your Christmas cards done on time! :D 

Location: North Access Beach in Ponte Vedra

Contact me to book your time slot. 

Nature's Child Photography is a full service photographer, from your session to the beautiful archival art on your walls, to the custom Christmas cards you send to friends and family, or the heirloom Christmas story you'll be able to pull out every me today to help capture your child's memories for a lifetimePlease call for more information on products available - I'll be more than happy to discuss them with you! We can even get together for coffee at my fully sanitized studio, (any excuse, right? :D) and you can see what's offered yourself! :) (There's an heirloom layflat book I can't WAIT to show you...and a new special top secret gift!!!)

The fees listed are for the Santa Session sitting fee only and is non refundable. Prints , products (to include custom made Christmas cards!), and digital images are not included and are sold separately at your reveal and ordering session a few days after your child's Santa session.

Prints start at $50, with the matching web share file accompanying.  

No cell phones allowed during these sessions.

Sitting fee is required upon booking to reserve your date and time.  Payment plans accepted, however, a 25% deposit is required on all orders. Full payment is required before final delivery of high resolution images and products.  Applicable sales tax will be applied to all print orders. All prints and products will be generated from our print professional print vendor to ensure both quality and color accuracy. 

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