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Meet Mindy, your photographer for LIFE

I've had a camera in my hand since the moment I could afford to buy my own. Yes, it WAS a "point and shoot" at that time, but it was MY "point and shoot"...and with that, I started learning all about composition and what exactly it was that I NEEDED to capture. My love affair with photography doesn't end there...one of my favorite things to do is scrapbook with old family photographs. Just digging through those pictures, reliving Christmas in my Grandma's kitchen, my mom's curly hair, my son's first steps...photography and capturing memories IS my passion.

How does this help you? I've had years of experience behind the camera...from that first point and shoot to my now DSLR and full range of lenses. In pursuit of the "perfect" image, I've taken years of classes towards that. I know when I want to let natural light do it's beautiful thing, or when I want to add my own for whatever purpose I need. On an emotional level, it's what I do.  I want and NEED you to have memories that will last forever...of those tiny hands that get so big so fast, of the great love you carry for your significant other, or the fur baby that just doesn't stay in our lives long enough.

I've spent a lot of time over the year with families and children as a preschool teacher and preschool summer camp director. With a classroom of over 23 children full day, I pretty much have the patience of a saint. ;) When we moved to Florida after my mom passing, I decided to make it MY business to make sure everyone remembers everything about their loved ones, even after they're gone. Lives change, and sometimes change FAST. (or faster than we'd like, anyway) It's my job to help you document your wonderful life, and help you to remember it all forever. <3

A few fun facts about yours truly...

  • I'm an obsessive doggie parent to Riley & Luna, boxer/lab mixes

Nature's Pet Photography, Pet Photograph
Nature's Child Photography, pet photogra
  • I have 2 human kids who you'll see assist me at times...Jason, future UNF student (17), and Jessi, one year away from being Dr. Kerr of veterinary medicine (25)

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  • Since hubby and I (of 25 years) are about to be empty nesters, we're starting to explore the world, cameras in hand!

  • Guilty pleasures: The Bachelor, Steven King, working all day from home in my jammies, pickles, and good ol' Starbucks Chai Tea Latte and pumpkin bread. :D

I'm a love all kind of gal, infectiously bubbly, and I absolutely snort when I laugh. And I can't WAIT to meet YOU! :) 

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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