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The Top 3 Locations for Spring Photos in Northeast Florida!

Nature’s Child Photography | March 2022

Living in Northeast Florida comes with SO many benefits! One of the many perks is that we can drive just a few miles and experience all of the different outdoor environments Florida has to offer. From massive, draping oak trees to glistening riverfronts of fresh blooming flowers, there is something for any taste!

This especially comes in handy when planning where to take your perfect family photos. One of the very first things we do, when you reach out to book a session, is figure out the “vibe” you hope to achieve with your family photos.

From there I pull from my favorite places in and around Northeast Florida to nail that look!

I am sharing three amazing places today BUT I have a handful of super-secret places that I reserve for my Nature’s Child Photography clients!

Alpine Groves Park

We are kicking this blog off with a beautiful 54-acre park. “But Mindy, we cannot possibly get through the whole park in one day!” TRUE. But, because of its size, this park is SUCH a versatile place to take your family photos!

Regardless of the “vibe” of your family photos, you can find a sweet spot at Alpine Groves Park. “In the uplands, you'll find towering pines, gopher tortoises, and a variety of birds. Venturing towards the river, you'll leave the uplands and enter the mixed hardwoods, home to large live oak, hickory trees, and owls. Follow the flow of the freshwater creek as it opens into the St. Johns River and you'll find cypress trees, manatees, and alligators.”

Once you and I have discussed how you want your family’s photos to “feel”, I’ll pick the perfect spot in this massive park to nail that look. No wandering around, we just head straight to that spot!

Want to make it a full adventure day? Bring a change of clothes and explore the rest of the park with your family!

Oh, and there are also bathrooms! A huge plus for families with little people.

Riverfront Park

Hidden bowing oak trees and docks spanning over sparkling water makes Riverfront Park a MUST HAVE on this list of top locations for your family photos in Northeast Florida! The massive branches draped with Spanish moss create a timeless background and also a place for kiddos to climb so we can capture silly moments, too!

Because this beautiful park is tucked away it feels like a private photo session. Your family can let loose and totally be themselves while enjoying the beautiful scenery along the St. Johns River!

After your photo session, enjoy walking the paved trails with your family or launching a kayak from the dock.

There are also bathrooms at this park!

Walter Jones Historical Park

This park is incredibly unique. It was the first historical park built in Jacksonville, FL, and is home to the 1875 Webb Farmhouse, the 1876 barn, the Losco Winery, and the Wheeler Sawmill, among other restored historical buildings!

While the beautifully restored buildings of Walter Jones Historical Park give so many unique places to capture your family photos, this park also offers stunning oak trees and waterfront views. Your family will enjoy getting blissfully lost in the history of Mandarin and I will be there, camera in hand, to capture all of the special moments!

This park is open daily but they also offer events and tours that you can find on their calendar. I highly recommend checking this place out even if you don’t choose it as your perfect location for family photos!

Regardless of WHERE you take your family photos…

WHO you take them with is what really matters. While you’re planning for your photos and trying to coordinate every outfit perfectly, I encourage you to remember that these moments are priceless. We will be capturing the giggles of your kiddos and the way you look at your partner when they’re being silly.

We are engraving memories in stone. Your children (and their children) will cherish these pictures for generations to come. And that is what it is all about.

If you’re looking for a family photographer that values your sweet memories, reach out to me. I’d be honored to share my super-secret spots with you and capture these precious moments!

Here’s to your beautiful family!

- Mindy


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