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4 Practical Ways to Ignite your Child’s Imagination

Nature’s Child Photography | January 2022

Have you ever seen the light in a child’s eyes when they're lost in a fairytale? When their thoughts are in the depths of creativity? Chasing a butterfly while dreaming of the fairy riding on its wings?

It’s a magical thing to witness, and an even more magical thing to capture in a way that you can cherish forever.

When does this magical imagination start?

When your toddler is 2-3 years old you’ll notice them starting to role-play and mimic what they see in the real world. They’ll start “baking” your favorite pie and answering their wooden-block phone to “talk” to grandma.

But between 3-6 years old is when that magical (but abstract) imagination comes into play. This is when those beautiful little minds can create a fantasy world. They no longer need a concrete object to imagine and can begin to invest in those stories that you love to tell them.

Nurturing that imagination is a magical experience for your child, and honestly for you too.

But knowing exactly how to do that can leave you feeling silly while you fumble through your tales of kingdoms and dragons.

Here are 5 practical ways to boost imagination in your child (tried & true from yours truly, a former preschool teacher)

  1. Read regularly to your child. When a child hears a story they create a vivid image in their mind!

  2. Play Outside! The world is fascinating, truly. Being outside with your little one allows time for exploration and discovery. Curiosity fuels imagination.

  3. Create art together. When a child (even us adults) are given free rein to release their creative energy with paint, clay, or even a cardboard box and some markers, amazing things happen in the mind.

  4. Be picky when picking toys! When selecting toys for your child, head towards the ones that allow for open-ended play. The less obvious the intention of the toy is, the more your child gets the chance to create a role for the toy.

  5. Tell stories that spark the imagination in your kiddo. This is my favorite way to foster imagination in children.

During my imagination sessions, I have the absolute pleasure of leading your child through a magical journey and capturing every moment. Sometimes we are hunting for fairies or seeking out mighty dragons. All of the dresses and crowns are hand-picked from my studio collection for your little one. I’ve discovered some of the most magical locations in Jacksonville, Florida, and whatever adventure we take, the best moments are captured so that you can cherish them forever.

To book an imagination session, visit Nature’s Child Photography and fill out my contact form.

Here’s to sparking the imagination that is within our children!

  • Mindy


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