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When is the Best Time to Take Senior Pictures?

When should I take senior pictures?

It’s senior year and you are planning for each special moment for your upcoming graduate! Senior pictures are a way to capture these fleeting moments and hold on to them for years to come. Whether you prefer the traditional Spring photos or many photo sessions throughout the year, there is no set-in-stone best time that you have to have your young adult’s photos taken.

Taking Senior Photos in the Spring

Spring in Florida is a time of new growth! The flowers are in full bloom, the temperature is mild and the sun is usually shining. What better time to capture the growth of your soon-to-be graduate?

Spring senior pictures are generally taken during your grads senior year, between March and May. This is an especially exciting time because cap & gowns arrive and can be an outfit choice for the photos.

Best time for senior photos

Senior Photo Session in the Summer

If your graduating senior LOVES sunshine and warm weather, a Summer session would be perfect for them. Summer senior photo sessions are taken between June and August, the summer between junior and senior year.

Just like Spring photos, these earlier sessions give you plenty of time to prepare for all of the events the next 9 months will bring! During the summer, photographers have the most senior photo sessions. So if your grad is dead-set on sunshine and beaches, I suggest you book your session sooner than later!

Senior Photos in Fall or Winter

Taking senior photos in the Fall or Winter of graduation year is an especially great time because things are not quite as hectic as they will be in the Spring! If your 2022 graduate is a fan of Fall weather, pumpkins, and sunflowers, a Fall/Winter senior photo session might be the perfect fit!

Capturing these special moments in the Fall still gives you plenty of time to order your prints, keepsake gifts and graduation announcements!

What If I Can’t Decide Just One Season??

Lucky for you, some photographers - like me! - offer packages that allow you to split your photo sessions across more than one season! So if you’d like to capture your graduate in the Spring of senior year and then again in the Fall, it is absolutely possible. In fact, I LOVE these split sessions because you can look back and see the incredible changes (physically and mentally) that your grad has gone through during their senior year!

When is the best time for senior photos?

I offer two packages for graduates. Each offers a variety of sessions and outfit changes.

The Senior Splits have their senior photos taken in the Fall of senior year and again in the Spring of senior year! Your grad will have different seasons, different outfit looks and will be an entirely different person in each session. They will also have photos taken during “Cap and Gown Day”, when all of my seniors dawn their celebratory robes.. During the split photo sessions, your senior can change outfits 3-5 times.

The Senior Simplicity package includes a photo session in either the Spring or Fall of senior year! This package allows for 1-2 outfit changes. Your senior can participate in “Cap and Gown Day”, as a part of this package.

There is no best time to take senior photos, but why not enjoy each season capturing this special year??

To Book a Senior Photo Session

The MOST important thing is that your senior’s photos are a reflection of them. It is not uncommon to find “one-size-fits-all” senior photo packages, and while that works for some families, my goal is to create an experience for you and your graduate! When you book a session with me I will meet face-to-face with you and your grad before our session. I will get to know them and their “vibe”, we’ll figure out styling and location together and I’ll give your senior my personal cell number so that they can reach out with questions or ideas. After the session we choose, together, which photos they love and what to do with them. Each family has the opportunity to order prints, senior books, wall art and custom graduation announcements.

Plus, all seniors receive a complimentary graduation yard sign in May! This is my special way of celebrating with your family.

Follow this link to contact me and book your 2022 graduate’s senior photos OR to get on the books for 2023!

Senior photos in Jacksonville Florida


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