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Waiting is Frustrating! Why do Holiday Photos Take “So Much” Time to Be Delivered?

Nature’s Child Photography | December 2021

You’ve taken your perfect holiday pictures! You’re giddy with excitement to mail your hand-designed cards to everyone on your list! You’ve already planned where to hang your printed canvas!

But then your photographer says it could be up to TWO WEEKS before everything is in your hands. *instant frustration*

Frustration usually stems from misunderstanding, so in this blog I am breaking down what happens behind the scenes after your photo session and before the prints arrive on your doorstep!

  1. We have your photo session! All the giggles and special moments are captured, your outfits are perfect and your kids LOVE spending time with Santa or Mrs. Claus

  2. 3-5 days later: we meet to pick out YOUR favorite images. Leading up to this meeting I am sorting through hundreds of photos so that I can show you the best 40-50 images from your session. Because each family has a different idea of the “perfect photo”, YOU decide which images you'd like me to hand edit.

  3. We discuss how you’d like your photos printed. During this meeting we also go over all of the options for your keepsakes! Will you print a photo album, send holiday cards, want special keepsake gifts for family members? Will your kiddo get a hand written book about THEIR special visit with the Claus's? There are SO many ways you can enjoy your beautiful photos.

  4. You receive an invoice. I send you an online invoice that is simple to pay! During the holiday season, WHEN you pay your invoice determines what place in the “que” your images land. This is the most fair way to determine whose perfect images get processed first.

  5. The MAGIC begins! Each individual photo gets individual artistic edits by myself. The style of these holiday photos is whimsical and magical. To get the effect of the magic, many layers of edits go into each photo. It’s not uncommon for me to spend 2 hours on one image. I hand sparkle each light on the Christmas tree, add the twinkle to Santa’s eyes, and SO many more magical details. This is the step that requires the most time and I take it very seriously. I want your photos to be everything you dreamed of! I’m also writing your child’s custom holidays book using their photos with Santa or Mrs. Claus and telling their special story.

  6. Ordering keepsake gifts! Once your edits are perfect, I order all of the prints, holiday cards, canvases, etc that we discussed. The professional-grade printing companies that I use are not for the general public. They are specific to professional photographers and they create heirloom-quality artworks to keep for years to come. I communicate with the printing services so that you do not have to.

  7. Your beauties arrive! Each heirloom piece is delivered to me so that I can meticulously check the quality and make sure everything is AMAZINGLY perfect! During the holiday season, I hand deliver your treasures on select weekends or make myself available for pickup at the studio. If you live more than an hour away your items will be shipped VERY carefully to you. This is the final step in you getting your hands on these special moments. Generally, this is by the end of the second week after we had our photo session! Please note: if your order is placed in December, this entire process will take longer than 2 weeks! This, of course, depends on the product! Cards are the first to arrive and they arrive quickly. Canvases or other heirloom prints take longer.

During this holiday season, especially the closer we get to December, this process can take up to an additional week. That is why I always encourage families to book their holiday sessions before November!

I know waiting for your family photos can be frustrating! Each step is important and leads you to the best pictures you can receive.

Did this behind the scenes look help remove {at least a tiny bit of} frustration?

Wishing you and yours a magical holiday season!

  • Mindy


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