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...and AWAY we go!

HELLO, and welcome to the VERY FIRST BLOG I've ever posted in my life. This will be a growing process, so you and I will probably have our ups and downs, my blog successes and failures, right there on the line. And that's cool...because you'll quickly realize I'm human, I'm non technologically oriented (minus all camera and editing, of course! :D ), and when you deal with ME, you get the real deal, folks. So. That's a good thing. :)

Final image...princess session.

Me in my favorite pose for kiddos...belly shooting at Rock Springs Park, in O'fallon Illinois! Photo cred...Catina Frisbee


I thought that maybe a tiny introduction to my shooting style would be a decent first blog post. So...what you see pictured is me at my finest. Dirty, sandy, grass stained, and getting my photography yoga on. The images with me in them are obviously NOT photographed by me...they've been taken by clients currently NOT in the photograph, or my AWESOME second shooter Diana, if it's a wedding. The images BY the gorgeousness that is me? The final product. :)

Me in the sand in Ponte Vedra, Florida/photo cred Diana Baker the best second shooter ever.