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...and AWAY we go!

HELLO, and welcome to the VERY FIRST BLOG I've ever posted in my life. This will be a growing process, so you and I will probably have our ups and downs, my blog successes and failures, right there on the line. And that's cool...because you'll quickly realize I'm human, I'm non technologically oriented (minus all camera and editing, of course! :D ), and when you deal with ME, you get the real deal, folks. So. That's a good thing. :)

Final image...princess session.

Me in my favorite pose for kiddos...belly shooting at Rock Springs Park, in O'fallon Illinois! Photo cred...Catina Frisbee


I thought that maybe a tiny introduction to my shooting style would be a decent first blog post. So...what you see pictured is me at my finest. Dirty, sandy, grass stained, and getting my photography yoga on. The images with me in them are obviously NOT photographed by me...they've been taken by clients currently NOT in the photograph, or my AWESOME second shooter Diana, if it's a wedding. The images BY the gorgeousness that is me? The final product. :)

Me in the sand in Ponte Vedra, Florida/photo cred Diana Baker the best second shooter ever.

Final image from Jeremy and Malany Grombala wedding in Ponte Vedra, Florida


I prefer to be outside...ALL THE TIME. If I could keep my toes in the warm sun 24/7, that would happen. Unfortunately, Florida heat is real, and not everyone has their weddings or photography needs outside...which is OK, too, because sometimes AC is also a wonderful thing. :D Portrait or family sessions, however? We're going outdoors, folks. It's who I am. And I'll PROBABLY be barefoot. You've been warned. ;)

Not the shot we used, but in the same area in St. Augustine, Florida. :) Photo cred Mom Andrea

Final image...graduating senior, Alexis in St. Augustine, Florida


I'm all about trying to coax out the REALNESS in you...using the realness of me. Poses and cheesy smiles are great...when they're called for. But give me that twinkle, that deep chuckle, the knowing looks at each other, the "holy cow, our photographer is a nutball" side conversations...because THOSE make the best photographs.

Bridal session in Jacksonville, Florida,  Photo cred Brandi Ford

Final image: Bridal session Laur Lo in Jacksonville, Florida


So. There ya have it. I'm not just the lady behind the camera. We'll get to know each other at our various meet and greets, DEFINITELY over our sessions, giggle together remembering silly times at your session over the post session reveal and order session, and ooh and ahh together over that final artwork. I'm looking forward to becoming a future friend and YOUR photographer. Remember...natural setting, natural you...because life IS beautiful. It's how I roll. :)


I'll leave you with a few other faces you might see doing a session with the "staff" of Nature's Child Photography. daughter and fairy assistant.

Jason, my son and lighting and heavy item assistant

Diana the Great - wedding second shooter and assistant

Adren, hubby and tech support

Luna and Riley - exercise breaks and happy makers.

Nibbles. Likes to help guide the computer mouse.

Cally. Helps with all typing as she lays across keyboard.

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